Draw a Stickman

An activity I have come across on my journey through my EDC3100 course is Draw A Stickman. I loved it!! It really does go to show that wonderful things can happen with just a little creativity! This interactive site showcases how the use of ICT’s can really grab the children’s attention and add excitement to their learning. Even the simplest drawing of a stickman, can take them on a creative journey!

Measuring the success of ICT integration…

Our lecturer asked for us to provide a short summary of how we might measure the success of ICT integration in our classroom. Below is my response.

I believe that I will measure the success of ICT integration in my classroom by:

1) monitoring the level of engagement of the students using the ICT’s – are they engaged in what they are supposed to be learning or are they spending all of their time trying to work the ICT out?

2) monitoring whether the use of the ICT tool ‘flows’ with the learning topic. Is the tool helpful and not just used as an opportunity to ‘play’ with ICT’s.

3) reflecting on whether the students progressed with their learning, did the ICT’s help them to achieve better results and deepen their understanding of the learning topic? 

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