One little device… one huge workload!

I’ve never really stopped and thought exactly how much my iPhone does for me. I stumbled across Mrs Morgan’s blog tonight and her post titled ‘How much changes in 10 years?’

She provided the photograph you can see below which compares the iPhone of today with the devices it has taken place of, devices which were common to us only 10 years ago. This one little ‘phone’ is not just a phone, it’s: a computer, digital camera, video camera, watch, timer, voice recorder, game console,  music player and much more. I can check the weather, do my grocery shopping, order pizza , send and receive messages, photos, videos and emails instantly! So many of life’s little everyday moments are captured now with the ease of this tiny hand-held device, those which we often see on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

I can’t even imagine where the next 10 years are going to take us. I am guessing it will be my kids (both my own and my students) who help to keep me informed and up to date 🙂


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