Re-use and recycle!!

I’ve just remembered a great idea learnt from my mentor teacher when I visited her last term. I was asking her about ways to learn the students’ names. I usually make up name tags and ask the students to place them on their desks but thought this might be a little ‘un-cool’ for almost teenage Year 7 students. She suggested that I ask the students to write their names and a little something about themselves on their individual whiteboards. She pulled out of one of the student’s desks – a DVD case. The cover was taken out and replaced with a blank piece of white paper. The students each have their own and use these as whiteboards. What a fantastic idea!!! Not only are they recycling something, these little things are able to be closed up and packed away neatly, they can stand on their desk like little triangles, or they can be opened out and held up to answer questions during classroom activities

I think I will use these often during Prac, especially during activities where one student might be chosen at a time to use the Interactive Whiteboard and I want all of the other students to be engaged and participating in the activity as well.

I have seen these cases for sale at our local Video Ezy store for a small cost but have never thought of using them for anything other than carrying CD’s and DVD’s. I just thought I’d share 🙂

I came across this example of the same idea on Pinterest

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