This might just T.I.P. me over the edge…

Well here’s ANOTHER planning model/framework to remember… I’m not sure that I can remember all of these things and keep up with them. The only way I’ll get them to sink in is to use them in my lesson planning and hope that they start to make sense. Here’s what the TIP model is all about:

Wiencke and Roblyer (2004) describe the TIP model this way

The Technology Integration Planning (TIP) Model was designed to give teachers a systematic way to address the challenges involved in integrating technology into teaching (Roblyer, 2003). By carrying out the steps in each of the model’s five phases, teachers perform a set of planning, implementation, and assessment activities that help assure their technology use will be both efficient and successful in meeting the needs they have identified.

I learn best by seeing examples of these types of things in use so I searched for some using Google. I found some on Slideshare. This one is called Using Technology in the Classroom and applies the model to a class profile, working through each of the phases. I also found this  Severe Weather Unit which integrates the TIP model into a unit. It looks quite interesting!
Here is the image provided in our EDC3100 course to help us to understand the types of questions which should be addressed during each of the 5 phases of the model to ensure we know WHY we are integrating ICT’s and how they are enhancing the students’ learning.  We always start with what we want the students to learn and how they will demonstrate their learning (Jones, 2013).


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