Interactive Whiteboards

I thought I knew how to use the Interactive Whiteboard quite well… until I spent 3 weeks teaching with one! It really takes some practice to find your way around this device to be able to use it to its full potential. I learnt so much in those 3 weeks and feel much more confident now that I’ve had a decent amount of time to use it. I still have so much to learn though and look forward to using it in more complex ways at my next Prac. Something I really enjoyed and found kept me organised was creating my lessons in PowerPoint and then teaching from ┬ámy slides on the IWB. I love that everything I create can be kept this way, saved for use another time. I think back to teachers long before technology got so clever, writing everything on blackboards only to rubbed off at the end of the lesson. So much time can be saved these days, and there are many sites which share flipcharts and resources. The options really are endless. I ┬ájust need to work on some organisation techniques for everything I find.

A site I found very helpful that shares resources, and even just for general ideas is Promethean Planet. There are many resources to be found and used there. I also downloaded Active Inspire onto my home laptop to assist me in finding my way around the program at home. This did help, although nothing is better to practice on than the real thing. The students enjoyed ‘helping me’ to get myself organised too! One thing I learnt very quickly was the ‘no show’ function… this way I could get myself organised without distracting the kids!

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