One thing I’d really love to own is an iPad. From what I have seen, they are amazing and their uses are endless! I am reluctant to buy one though without having used one myself to see how it all works. Unfortunately my Prac school didn’t have iPads. They did have iPods but these were unavailable for use during my visit. My three children have iPods though and they really are clever little devices.

The school where I work as a Teacher Assistant purchased 2 class sets of iPads while I was on leave so I’m excited to see how they are used in the classroom before I take the leap and buy one for myself. My friend Jamie talks about iPads in this post. She compares them to tablets and laptops. There are just so many options… and they all do something unique. My fear is spending the money on a device and then something better being released shortly after. I dislike that we have such a throw-away society these days. I think back to the amount of desktops/laptops we have had over the years… it is cheaper to buy a new one rather than repair one most of the time, and new technology forces the older devices out.

I’m thinking though, that none of this will change… this is only the beginning!

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